Sunday , September 24 2017

Elizabeth Ontiveros-Cole Pomona City Council 4th District Is A Strong Opponent To Corruption (Lincoln Park area)

Elizaeth Ontiveros-Cole represents the residents of Pomona, and she works hard to keep people informed.  She has become a new champion in Pomona leadership.  She is steadfast in her beliefs, resolved in her principles, and will not be bought.   She is a strong opponent to corruption and inside deals. Classified Nurse,  PUSD Health Services  .  Former Health Assistant For PUSD  .  Former Pomona Business Owner, Paralegal Services  .  Church Volunteer, Feeding Pomona Homeless  .  Neighborhood Watch Captain  .  Graduate Garey High School, 1967  .  Member Historical Society of Pomona Valley  .  Lifetime Pomona Resident

 She is aware and protective of Pomona’s rich heritage.   She lived through the city’s economic decline and saw many of her friends and loved ones moved away in despair.   But through thick and thin, Elizabeth has believed in the City’s potential, and she works hard to better the community.    She believes in supporting local businesses and neighborhoods.   She envisions a unified Pomona and believes the City will rise to the challenge and once again become a beacon for local prosperity and success.

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