Sunday , September 24 2017

Op/ED No Changes w/New Pomona City Council? by Pomona Resident Cynthia Gonzalez Marino‎

Last year, the voters decided against the incumbent city council and mayor candidates and opted to start over with a clean slate of new council members and mayor. The voters were greatly displeased with the “old guard”, who ignored inquiries about quality of life issues such as homelessness, crime, and trash. The old council would unilaterally make decisions with no public input or the input would be ignored.

Judging by a number of recent events, it appears the “new” council operates under the same ideology, while preaching accountability and transparency. I represent a growing number of residents who are tired of being ignored (except during election years) by our elected officials.  We plan to launch a campaign to hold each representative accountable, and this includes our staff at Pomona City Hall (city manager, police chief, city attorney, etc.).

If you’re tired of the bar being so low in Pomona compared to the other cities around us, then please IM me or send an email to the following:  Divided we are one voice, but united we can take a stand against the corruption and cronyism that has been perpetuated every 4 years.  Our city officials work for us. Sometimes they need to be reminded. This is one of those times. We look forward to meeting with you.

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