Sunday , September 24 2017

1888 Pomona Wanted To Abolish Saloons / Drinking – In response, Pomona opened secret bars.

Historical Pomona Incorporated 1888. Most people in Pomona know that the name “Pomona” comes from the Roman goddess of fruit.  She has been a symbol for years and is currently represented by a statue and a drink (Pomona Queen) served at some of the city’s restaurants.  Speaking of drinks, did you know that the city was officially incorporated in 1888 as an attempt to abolish saloons? Non-drinkers, known as teetotalers, tried to abolish drinking. In the early 1900’s, the City of Pomona successfully passed a charter that limited alcohol consumption. The city’s first speakeasy opened afterwards.  One of Pomona’s secret bars was located in the basement under the Founder’s building, which now features two art galleries!

Historical Today, classic historical venues have been restored to preserve Pomona history. Old businesses have been revamped to create a thriving nightlife in Downtown Pomona. With so much history from the past and in progress, it is truly a time to be Pomona Proud!

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